Cookies and information usage

Types of information we use

Username and password: To provide you with a user account, this includes a user name and password which we keep in case you have any log-in problems or have forgotten your username. Name, address and postcode: To allow us to send the Sunskips to you at your stated address and for collection purposes.

Email address: We send confirmation of any orders you make to your given email address, we may use your email address to contact you should any issues occur with your order and if you have opted in, send you relevant marketing from time to time.

Telephone number: This is to contact you directly should there be any problems with your order, collection and if you have requested a call back or to be contacted the day before your collection is taking place.

Payment card number, expiry date, issue no and name of card holder: This is to process and take payment for your order.

IP addresses: When you visit our site, we will automatically receive your IP address, a unique identifier for your computer or other access device. This is used to analyse and improve our website.

Cookies: Cookies take minimal pieces of information from your browser about which areas of the website you access. We use this information purely to improve the layout, information and customer experience of the website based on this data.