10 yard skip hire

Our 10 yard skip is suitable for major projects such as house clearances or building work and refurbishments.

The 10 yard skip is ideal for disposing of light, bulky materials but is not suitable for heavy waste items such as soil or rubble removal. The 8 yard skip is the largest skip size that should be used for heavy materials.

Bin bags 80


Trailers 13



Size guide


10 cubic yards (7.6 cubic metres)


3.5m x 1.75m x 1.5m | 12’0’’ x 5’9’’ x 4’11’’


Suitable for larger house clearance jobs; no heavy inert soils or rubble...


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Do I need a 10-yard skip?

The 10-yard skip is appropriate for light, bulky materials from any house clearance, construction or refurbishment project.

If you’re looking to clear a significant amount of waste, a 10-yard skip might be the best option for you due to its large volume.

However, 10-yard skips are not suitable for heavy construction waste like soil and rubble. If that’s the type of waste you’re looking to get rid of, it’s likely that the best option would be to hire one or more eight-yard skips, as it’s the largest skip size suitable for heavy materials.

How big is a 10-yard skip?

A 10-yard skip is big enough for 80 bin bags or 13 standard trailers full of waste.

At 1.5 metres, it’s the same width as an 8-yard skip (which can fit comfortably in a standard driveway) but is a little longer at 3.5 metres (12ft) and deeper at 1.5 metres (4ft, 11ins).

It pays to work out exactly how much space you’re going to need, as it’s always cheaper to hire the right skip size (ours go all the way up to 40 yards) than it is to hire an extra one if you run out of space down the line.

WARNING: Filling up your 10-yard skip above the maximum fill indicator is going to result in our drivers being legally unable to collect your container.

10-yard skip: How to prepare for your hire

Unlike 8-yard skips and smaller, which can easily be loaded up with a wheelbarrow, the 10-yard skip does not feature a drop-down door.

Again, the 10-yard skip is not for heavy materials, so it should be easy enough to throw the lighter waste directly into the container.

So while you don’t necessarily need to consider the positioning of the skip, you do need to make sure there’s plenty of space on your premises for it to be placed by our driver - ideally away from vehicles or anything that could be damaged during your project.

If the 10-yard skip is too big to be kept at your property, you’ll need a permit from your local authority to keep it on the public road outside, which can take about a week. SunSkips can handle this for you and deliver your skip along with the proper paperwork (£110 extra, including the fee from the local authority).

How much does a 10-yard skip cost to hire?

The price of a 10-yard skip from SunSkips for a seven-day hire varies depending on the location of the delivery and collection.

To get your quote, enter your postcode into our booking page. We’re confident that our skip hire prices are unbeatable anywhere in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Skip lorry sizes

To prepare for the delivery and collection of your 10-yard skip, it's important to know the size of the vehicle that will be bringing your container.

Our 18-tonne skip lorries, used for delivering skips from 4-yards to 14-yards, need a clear width of at least 8.4 feet (2.6 meters) and a height clearance of 11.6 feet (3.5 meters). Prepare the site by ensuring a clear path and notifying neighbours to keep access routes free of obstructions.

Factor in a safe working area of half a metre on all sides and an entry of at least three metres wide.

What you get with a SunSkips’ 10-yard skip

At SunSkips, we believe there’s more to skip hire than simply delivering the right size skip for your waste management needs for the best price.

Great customer service is essential for a great skip hire experience, so from the moment you speak to one of our team at the office (or book online) we’ll be sure to make the process as smooth as possible.

On top of that, SunSkips takes waste management seriously and properly screens everything that comes into our site from client skips to direct as much away from landfill as possible.

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