12 yard skip hire

The 12 yard skip is a popular skip size for industrial and commercial use. It is suitable for major projects and is ideal for the removal of lighter, bulky items.

As with the 10 yard skip, it is not suitable for heavier waste items such as soil and rubble. The 8 yard skip is the largest skip size that should be used for heavy materials.

Bin bags 100


Trailers 16



Size guide


12 cubic yards (9.8 cubic metres).


3.7m x 1.75m x 1.7m | 12’2’’ x 5’9’’ x 5’6’’


Suitable for larger house clearance jobs. No heavy inert soils or rubble. Excellent choice for segregated wood, cardboard or light, bulky waste.


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12-yard skip: The basics

If you’ve got a lot of light, bulky waste to get rid of, a 12-yard skip might be the best choice for its disposal.

While it’s not the way to go for typical construction waste like concrete and brick due to the weight of such materials, it’s a good option for those with large quantities of cardboard, wood or plastic. The eight-yard builders’ skip is the largest skip suitable for heavy waste, unless you go for a much larger 20 or 40-yard container that can be rolled on or off a lorry.

Due to its size, the 12-yard skip is most commonly used for industrial or commercial purposes, but might also be useful for a larger home clearance, providing there’s space to place it on the premises.

It’s important to note that unlike smaller skips, the 12-yard skip doesn’t feature a drop down door, so waste will need to be lifted into it rather than emptied in with a wheelbarrow.

12-yard skip dimensions

Of course, the clue’s in the name, but how big is a 12-yard skip really?

Twelve cubic yards is the equivalent of 9.8 cubic metres. In terms of the space it’ll take up, you’re looking at 3.7m x 1.75m x 1.7m (or 12’2’’ x 5’9’’ x 5’6’’), which is why it’s usually a bit too big for your average house clearance (an eight-yard skip will fit in a standard driveway, for example).

A 12-yard skip can hold 100 black bin bags of waste or 16 standard trailers.

12-yard skip price to hire

How much is a 12-yard skip to hire? The answer depends on your location and length of hire, so it’s best to consult our online skip hire booking page for a specific quote.

For commercial clients, we may be able to offer better rates on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of waste and frequency of collections.

Get in touch to talk to one of our account managers today! Our team is more than happy to discuss your situation and help you find the right solution for your needs.

Requirements and permits for a 12-yard skip

SunSkips’ 12-yard containers require a bit more thought about where they’re positioned due to their size.

It’s important to consider the area around where the skip is to be placed to make sure it isn’t blocking access for any traffic, especially points where emergency vehicles might need to pass though.

It’s not common for local authorities to grant permission for 12-yard skips to be kept on public roads like they would a smaller skip more typically used for domestic purposes, so do consider this before you book (or give us a call if you have any questions).

SunSkips does not require customers to pre-sort waste (although discounts may be available for larger clients willing to do this for certain waste types) as our stringent screening methods at our recycling sites take care of this to divert as much from landfill as possible.

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