20 yard skip hire

The industrial 20 yard skip is usually used for large construction projects and can hold a high volume of building waste.

It is suitable for lighter, bulky materials and also heavier waste such as stone and soil. It can be used for large domestic projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Bin bags 200


Trailers 26



Size guide


20 cubic yards (15.3 cubic metres).


6.1m x 2.4m x 1.2m


20 yard skips are suitable for lighter, bulky materials and also heavier waste such as stone and soil.


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What is a 20-yard skip used for?

20-yard skips are appropriate for industrial and construction projects because of the large amount of waste they can hold and the fact that they're designed to be rolled onto a lorry.

While skips larger than eight yards aren’t typically suitable for heavy waste, the 20-yard roll-on/off skip is able to support more weight so can be used for construction waste such as rubble and soil.

The 20-yard roll-on, roll-off skip (or ro-ro, as it’s commonly called) allows for a smooth collection and can be swiftly swapped for an empty container for sites with a high volume of waste.

20-yard, roll-on, roll-off skip: Dimensions

A 20-yard skip can hold 200 standard bin bags of waste (or 26 trailers).

Because the containers are 6.1 metres in length, they’re not generally compact enough to fit on the driveway of domestic premises and are most commonly used for larger commercial projects that require onsite waste management.

The 20-yard skip is our second-largest container behind the 40-yard skip, and as such, it’s unlikely your local authority will grant you a skip hire permit to keep it on a public road outside your premises.

20-yard, roll-on, roll-off skip: Cost and booking

Because 20-yard skips are usually only suitable for commercial and industrial projects, it’s best that we talk over the phone to discuss your specific waste management needs.

You can call one of your friendly members of staff, who’ll be happy to talk you through the services we offer for larger-scale projects and recommend the right size skip for your level of waste.

SunSkips uses a sophisticated screening line that allows us to sort mixed waste, but we may be able to offer a discount for single-stream waste as it assists us in our mission to divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

What you can expect from SunSkips when hiring a 20-yard skip

When managing large amounts of waste, the level of service your waste management company provides can really make or break your project.

SunSkips understands the consequences of an inefficient waste management process and can streamline your system so your outflow of waste is as optimised and cost-effective as possible.

Contact us today to schedule a waste audit or confirm your 20-yard skip booking.

Do you need a permit for a 20-yard skip?

As it’s unlikely you’ll be keeping your 20-yard container on a public road, you probably won’t need a permit to hire a skip of this size.

Local authorities are unlikely to grant you a permit for a 20-yard skip, but in certain cases where it may be possible, SunSkips can handle the application for you and deliver your skip along with the proper paperwork (£110 extra, including the fee from the local authority).

However, as 20-yard containers are heavy, especially those used for construction waste, it’s important to make sure the ground beneath the skip is level and can support the weight.

It’s also wise to consider access to the area around the skip, making sure the container doesn’t block entry for emergency vehicles or fire exits.

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