4 yard skip hire

The 4 yard skips are our second smallest size skips available. These skips are suitable for larger garden clear-outs or small bathroom and kitchen remodels.

They can be used for all types of household and garden waste disposal, as well as commercial and industrial waste. These skips have a drop-down door, so using a wheelbarrow to deposit your waste is easy. Large enough to hold a single bed or small sofa, this skip fits on a standard driveway and takes up slightly less than a small car parking space.

Bin bags 33


Trailers 5



Size guide


4 cubic yards (3 cubic metres).


1.8m x 1.1m x 0.95m | 5’11’’ x 4’0’’ x 3’2’’


The 4 yard skips are our second smallest size skips available. Perfect for small bathroom and kitchen refurbishments.


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Should I hire a 4-yard skip?

If you’re doing a smaller kitchen/bathroom remodel or you’ve got a decent amount of garden waste, a 4-yard skip - often referred to as a “midi-skip” - might just do the trick.

It’s the second smallest container SunSkips offers (next to the 2-yard skip) so it’s ideal for a quick waste disposal job as their versatility makes them easy to load.

SunSkips’ 4-yard skips feature a drop-down door so you don’t need to lift heavier items into it and you can even use a wheelbarrow to make light work of your waste disposal.

You’d probably need to do at least two trips to the recycling centre in an estate car for the same amount of waste that could be loaded into a 4-yard skip.

How big is a 4-yard skip?

The beauty of the 4-yard skip is that it’s usually not too tricky to place on private premises (saving you the hassle and cost of acquiring a permit) and it’s unlikely to cause an obstruction.

At 1.8m x 1.1m x 0.95m (or 5’11’’ x 4’0’’ x 3’2’’), a 4-yard skip will comfortably fit on a standard driveway with room to spare. A 4-yard skip will hold 33 bins bags of waste or five standard trailers.

To give you an idea of how much you can get in a 4-yard skip, the container will fit one or two single beds, small sofas, TVs, bikes… so it’s a popular choice for a small furniture clearout.

How much is a 4-yard skip?

The price of a 4-yard skip to hire depends on where exactly in Cambridgeshire or Suffolk you need it delivered and collected. To consult prices for your area, check the locations and prices in the top menu, or enter your postcode on the booking page for an instant quote.

Commercial clients expecting high volumes of waste or that can separate into single streams should contact us today for the best price.

If you suspect you might need a larger skip, make sure you do your due diligence before booking. It’ll be cheaper and less hassle to hire a 6- or 8-yard skip and get the job finished in one go than it would to hire two separate skips.

Still not sure what size you need? Consult our handy skip size guide or give us a call at our offices so we can talk you through it.

Skip lorry sizes

To help you prepare for the delivery and collection of your 4-yard skip, it's important to know the size of the vehicle that will be bringing your container. Factor in a safe working area of half a metre on all sides and an entry of at least three metres wide.

12-tonne skip lorry

Our 12-tonne skip lorries are used for delivering skips from 2-yards to 8-yards. These compact vehicles require a minimum width clearance of 8 feet (2.4 metres) and a height clearance of 10.4 feet (3.2 metres). Ensure your driveway or access point can accommodate these dimensions for smooth delivery and collection.

18-tonne skip lorry

Our 18-tonne skip lorries, used for delivering skips from 4-yards to 14-yards, need a clear width of at least 8.4 feet (2.6 meters) and a height clearance of 11.6 feet (3.5 meters). These vehicles have a greater payload capacity, so they're typically assigned for projects involving soil and rubble disposal. Prepare the site by ensuring a clear path and notifying neighbours to keep access routes free of obstructions.

Do I need a permit for a 4-yard skip?

While a 4-yard skip is one of the smallest containers we hire, you will still need a skip permit if you need to keep it on a public road.

You’ll need to contact your local authority and wait around a week for it to be approved, or you can leave it up to us for a hassle-free solution (£110 additional charge, mostly made up of the council fee).

If you plan to dispose of any special waste items in your 4-yard skip, such as TVs, fridges, batteries, etc. you’ll need to let us know when you book (whether online or over the phone) and there will be a small extra charge for each item.

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