40 yard skip hire

The industrial 40 yard skip is the largest skip size available and is designed for industrial purposes.

These skips hold a very high volume of waste and are suitable for clients who require onsite rubbish disposal.



Standard trailers 52



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40 cubic yards (30.8 cubic metres).


6.3m x 2.4m x 2.75m


These skips hold a very high volume of waste and are suitable for clients who require onsite rubbish disposal.


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Is a 40-yard skip right for my project?

SunSkips hires out 40-yard skips to industrial and commercial clients that have a high volume of waste to get rid of. This might be for a one-off collection or regular waste removal that makes the most of the roll-on/roll-off functionality of the container.

Larger skips are usually only suitable for lighter, bulkier loads, but because the containers can be rolled onto a lorry, the 40-yard skip is often used for construction and other heavier waste.

How much can you get in a 40-yard skip?

A 40-yard skip can hold 400 standard bin bags of waste (or 52 trailers). It’s the biggest size skip available, so it’s a good choice if you’re expecting very high volumes of waste.

Skips of this size are typically kept onsite and due to their size (6.3m x 2.4m x 2.75m), it’s unlikely you would be approved for a permit to keep it outside your premises on a public road.

Recently, we filled a whole 40-yard skip with green waste to support Suffolk Accident and Rescue Service’s Christmas tree recycling fundraiser.

How much does a 40-yard skip cost to hire?

Get in touch to discuss our best rates for your 40-yard skip hire. We may be able to offer discounts for regular disposals or for waste that’s pre-sorted into single streams.

It works out cheaper to get the right size skip for your waste, rather than ending up having to hire two smaller skips when you realise it wasn’t big enough. If you’re unsure if you’ll need a skip as large as 40 yards, our friendly office staff are always happy to talk to you about your specific situation.

What level of service can I expect when hiring a 40-yard skip from SunSkips?

When managing volumes of waste large enough to require a 40-yard skip, we may be able to offer advice on your processes.

For example, we might suggest a baler or compactor to reduce your waste before loading it into your container so you can get more in it and save money.

There are benefits to separating certain types of waste before loading it into your 40-yard skip, although SunSkips sites do have stringent screening lines for sorting mixed waste to divert as much waste from landfill as possible.

Contact us today if you’d like to schedule a meeting with one of our account managers so they can assess your individual circumstances.

Skip lorry sizes

To prepare for the delivery and collection of your 40-yard skip, it's important to know the size of the vehicle that will be bringing your container.

For heavy-duty waste removal, our RORO lorries are designed to deliver 20-yard and 40-yard skips. These large vehicles require a width clearance of 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) and a height clearance of 12.6 feet (3.8 meters), along with ample space for manoeuvring.

Ensure your site can handle these dimensions to facilitate the safe and efficient delivery and collection of your skip. Factor in a safe working area of half a metre on all sides and an entry of at least three metres wide.

Do I need a permit for a 40-yard skip?

Permits are only required for skips that will be kept on public roads and they are not typically granted for skips as large as 40 yards.

But you will need to make sure the area on your site where the skip is to be delivered has appropriate access for our lorries and won’t block entry for emergency vehicles or fire exits.

And due to the weight of the large containers, especially when full of heavy waste, the ground below where the skip will be placed needs to be sturdy enough to support it.

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