6 yard skip hire

The 6 yard skip is one size down from our builders skip and can be used for slightly larger home/office renovations, and larger garden clear-outs.

Designed for use with a wheelbarrow, these skips have a drop-down door which enable easy use and filling. When booking, please note which way you would like the door to be facing so our drivers can place the skip appropriately. The 6 yard skips are suitable for all types of waste and take up a standard car parking space.

Bin bags 50


Trailers 8



Size guide


6 cubic yards (4 cubic metres).


2.6m x 1.5m x 1.2m | 8’6’’ x 5’0’’ x 4’0’’


The 6 yard skip is one size down from our builders skip and can be used for slightly larger home/office renovations, and larger garden clear-outs.


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Is a six-yard skip right for my project?

People who hire a six-yard skip are typically undergoing a fairly big home/office renovation or garden clear-out.

It’s small enough to fit on private property and can either be lifted over the fence into the garden (access permitting) or placed easily onto a standard driveway.

A six-yard skip is suitable for all types of waste that SunSkips accepts, including rubble, glass and concrete, and comes with a dropdown door so it’s easy to load up with a wheelbarrow.

How much can you get in a six-yard skip?

A six-yard skip can hold six cubic yards or around four cubic metres. You can fit 50 bin bags full of waste into a six-yard skip, or eight standard trailers worth.

This should be fine if you’re loading loose waste into a six-yard skip, but if you’re also throwing out large pieces of furniture, you might want to consider an eight-yard skip.

It’s more cost-effective to hire a larger skip than two smaller ones. Even if you think you’ll only go over by a little bit, the maximum fill line indicator must be respected as it would be against the law for one of our drivers to collect an overfilled skip.

Six-yard skip: Before you hire

It makes sense to do your homework before you hire a six-yard skip.

The first thing you’ll want to consider is where the skip will be delivered and if it’ll be kept on private or public land.

Although it’s one of our smaller skips, you’ll still need a permit if you’re planning to keep your six-yard skip on the public roads outside your premises. SunSkips can take care of this whole process on your behalf so you can focus on your project (£110 extra fee, including the fee from the local authority).

Once your skip hire has been confirmed, it’s important to make sure the area where it’s due to be dropped off is clear. It’s a good idea to move cars away from the drop-off spot as well to avoid accidents.

Also consider the most convenient orientation to load the skip so the driver can make sure the door is facing the right way when they lower it in.

How much is a six-yard skip to hire?

The cost of a six-yard skip for a one-week hire depends on where it’s being delivered to, but SunSkips is confident you won’t find a better price anywhere else.

Enter your postcode into our booking page and get your quote for a six-yard skip hire in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire today.

SunSkips hires six-yard skips out for seven days (extensions possible upon request).

Skip lorry sizes

To prepare for the delivery and collection of your 6-yard skip, it's important to know the size of the vehicle that will be bringing your container. Factor in a safe working area of half a metre on all sides and an entry of at least three metres wide.

12-tonne skip lorry

Our 12-tonne skip lorries are used for delivering skips from 2-yards to 8-yards. These compact vehicles require a minimum width clearance of 8 feet (2.4 metres) and a height clearance of 10.4 feet (3.2 metres). Ensure your driveway or access point can accommodate these dimensions for smooth delivery and collection.

18-tonne skip lorry

Our 18-tonne skip lorries, used for delivering skips from 4-yards to 14-yards, need a clear width of at least 8.4 feet (2.6 meters) and a height clearance of 11.6 feet (3.5 meters). These vehicles have a greater payload capacity, so they're typically assigned for projects involving soil and rubble disposal. Prepare the site by ensuring a clear path and notifying neighbours to keep access routes free of obstructions.

Best company for hiring a six-yard skip

The best skip hire company is one that offers the most value for money and great customer service.

SunSkips is committed to helping the people of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire manage their waste in the most cost-effective and helpful way possible… but there’s more to it than that.

We also believe that managing waste is a huge responsibility that should only be taken by those with years of experience in the industry.

SunSkips has worked hard on its screening line to make sure that all the waste we manage is directed away from landfill as much as possible.

Avoid working with waste management firms that aren’t clear about how they dispose of your waste or can’t prove that they hold a valid waste carrier’s licence.

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