8 yard skip hire



The 8 yard skip is often referred to as the 'builders skip'. It has a large capacity which makes it ideal for those bigger home/office renovations, as well as garden or building projects.

This type of skip is very popular and is available with a drop-down door for easy use with a wheelbarrow to fit on any standard driveway. Please remember when booking to indicate which way you would like the door to be facing so our drivers can load the skip appropriately The 8 yard skip is suitable for all waste types including soil, rubble, commercial and industrial waste.







8 cubic yards (6.1 cubic metres).


3.2m x 1.75m x 1.2m | 10’6’’ x 5’9’’ x 4’0’’


The 8 yard skip is often referred to as the 'builders skip'. It has a large capacity which makes it ideal for those bigger home/office renovations, as well as garden or building projects.


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What is an eight-yard skip best used for?

Also known as a “builders’ skip”, the eight-yard skip is commonly used for larger home/office renovations, garden or building projects. It’ll hold about 60 bin bags or 10 standard trailers of waste.

While it’s a good size skip, it’s still small enough to be used at a house either in the garden or on the drive.

You can fill your eight-yard skip with heavy waste like rubble, soil and concrete and is the largest skip that can be used for such construction waste.

What you need to know before hiring an eight-yard skip

An eight-yard skip takes up about one standard driveway. Before your eight-yard skip is delivered, be sure to clear the area and move any vehicles or other things that might get damaged if left too close to where the skip will be placed.

As with any size container, if you’ll be keeping your eight-yard skip outside on the public roads, you’ll need a permit from your local authority. For a fee (£100 in total, most of which is the council’s fee for the permit), SunSkips can take care of the paperwork for you so all you need to do is wait for your skip to be delivered while you get on with your project.

SunSkips offers eight-yard skips with drop-down doors to make it easy to load using a wheelbarrow - ideal if you’ll be filling it with garden or construction waste. Because the skip is heavy, even when empty, it’s best to let the driver know which way you want the door to face so it’s most convenient for you to work with.

If you haven’t properly measured out how much waste you’ll have to get rid of and find that an eight-yard skip isn’t big enough, call us to arrange a second skip (if you’re loading it up with heavy waste, you’d have to hire two eight-yard skips anyway as the 10-yard skip is for lighter, bulkier waste).

Don’t be tempted to pile your waste up past the maximum fill height indicator, as our driver won’t legally be able to collect it without emptying some of the waste out first.

How much does it cost to hire an eight-yard skip?

The price to hire an eight-yard skip varies depending on the location it’s going to be delivered to and collected from.

See our booking page and get a quick quote for your location in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

SunSkips’ standard hire period for an eight-yard skip is seven days.

Why hire your eight-yard skip from Sunskips?

SunSkips is well aware that customers hiring an eight-yard skip have usually got a lot on their plate, whether they’re moving house, having a clear-out or right in the middle of a renovation or building project.

With this in mind, SunSkips aims to make the process of hiring an eight-yard skip as smooth as possible. Our driver will arrive on the agreed day and even give you a call before they leave so you’re prepared.

We’ll lay down pads so the lorry support legs don’t do any damage and position the skip where it’s most convenient for you to work with it.

And whatever waste you’ll be loading into your eight-yard skip, you can rest assured that SunSkips will properly separate and recycle it to make your project as environmentally friendly as possible.